Muse® Cell Analyzer

A Robust, Compact Instrument for Automated Cell Analysis.

Muse® cell Analyzer is highly intuitive flow-based instrument which has been specially designed for your daily need of fluorescent based-cell analysis in an economical way. It can be kept inside your culture lab for an immediate assessment of recently tripsinized cell culture for their cell counts and highly quantitative analysis of cell health parameters. The instrument is robust, easy to maintain and very easy to use with its pre-defined easy-to-follow guided menus on its touch screen and its pre-optimized Mix and Read assay kits.

Muse® Cell Analyzer is based on patent-pending, miniaturized fluorescent detection and microcapillary technology to deliver truly accurate, precise and quantitative cell analysis. The use of novel microcapillary technology and miniaturized optics in the system eliminates the need of sheath fluid thereby making it easy to maintain and cost effective. It is embedded with a highly intuitive touchscreen interface that allows simple step-by-step operation which requires no expertise to follow and run the assays. The Muse® Cell Analyzer counts cells and measures viability more precisely with smaller coefficients of variation (%CV) than manual hemocytometry or image-based automated analysis The compact footprint of the system makes it portable and requires minimum space in the lab.

Important features:
  • Quantitative data at the single cell level
  • Simple, effortless operation
  • Absolute cell counts
  • Compact size; (footprint of only 8 in x 10 in (20 cm x 25 cm)
  • Analyzes both suspension and adherent cells 2-60 μm in diameter
  • Evaluate upto 3 cellular parameters
  • Intuitive cell analysis software and touchscreen user interface for rapid setup and analysis
  • Optimized Muse® assays

Instrument Specifications

  • Optics — Excitation:
  • Parameters detected

  • Fluidics

  • Sample format
  • User-specified input cell numbers
  • Recommended Cell Size Size Range:
  • Results display
  • Data File Structure Output data file formats:

Green Laser diode (532 nm)
Three detection channels
  • Yellow fluorescence (576±28 nm)
  • Red fluorescence (680±30nm)
  • FSC
  • Rectangular (1.5 mm x 0.8 mm)
    microcapillary with 100 μm round bore
    Single loader, 1.5ml tubes
    User defined; cell concentrations of 10,000 to 500,000 cells/mL
    2–60 μm in diameter
    Data presented in summary format (statistical), or dot plots
  • binary data storage in Flow Cytometry Standard (FCS) 3.0 format
  • spreadsheet results file in comma-separated value (CSV) format
  • Data analyzed on system, with USB export of graphs, CSV files, and raw data files

    Hardware Specifications

    • System footprint

    • Weight
    • Operating environment (temperature)
    • Computer

    Ultra Compact Size
  • height: 8.69 inches (220.75 mm)
  • width: 8.12 inches (206.37 mm)
  • depth: 11.11 inches (282.15 mm)
  • 13.1 lb (5.9 kg)
    16 °C to 35 °C (60 °F to 95 °F)
    Embedded Intel® ATOM-based computer, 160 GB data storage
    Highly intuitive software interface and sensitive touch screen with guided menus to generate data output designed for each experimental application.
    • Count & viability
    • Cell proliferation
    • Apoptosis
    • Cell signaling
    • Cell cycle
    • DNA damage
    • Autophagy
    • Immunology


    Cell Health

    Muse® Count & Viability Kit (100 tests)
    Muse® Count & Viability Reagent (200x)
    Muse® Autophagy LC3-Antibody Based Kit (50 tests)
    Muse® RFP-LC3 Reporter Autophagy Assay Kit (100 tests)
    Muse® Count & Viability Reagent (600 tests)
    Muse® Oxidative Stress Assay (100 tests)
    Muse® Nitric Oxide Assay (100 tests)
    Muse® Ki67 Proliferation Assay (100 tests)
    Muse® Cell Cycle Kit (100 tests)
    Muse® Cell Dispersal Reagent (100 tests)


    Muse® Annexin V & Dead Cell Kit (100 tests)
    Muse® Caspase-3/7 Kit (100 tests)
    Muse® MultiCaspase Kit (100 tests)
    Muse® MitoPotential Kit (100 tests)

    Cell Signaling

    Muse® H2A.X Activation Dual Detection Kit (50 tests)
    Muse® EGFR-RTK Activation Dual Detection Kit (50 tests)
    Muse® PI3K Activation Dual Detection Kit (50 tests)
    Muse® MAPK Activation Dual Detection Kit (50 tests)
    Muse® Bcl-2 Activation Dual Detection Kit (50 tests)
    Muse® Multi-Color DNA Damage Kit (50 tests)
    Muse® PI3K/MAPK Dual Pathway Activation Kit (50 tests)
    Muse® STAT-1 Activation Dual Detection Kit (50 tests)
    Muse® EGFR/MAPK Activation Dual Detection Kit (50 tests)


    Muse® Human CD8 T Cell Kit (100 tests)
    Muse® Human CD4 T Cell Kit (100 tests)
    Muse® Human B Cell Kit (100 tests)
    Muse® Human CD25 Lymphocyte Kit (100 tests)
    Muse® Human CD69 Lymphocyte Kit (100 tests)

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    Muse™ Cell Analyzer
    Benchtop Quantitative Single Cell Analysis
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