DNBSEQTM – G400 Genetic Sequencer

Comprehensive and flexible production-scale sequencer

MGI’s DNA sequencing instruments utilize the state-of-the-art core technology called DNBSEQTM. DNBseq™ sequencing technology, an Error-free Nanoarray Sequencing Technology, delivers multiple read lengths and optimized sequencing time, enabling you to complete sequencing in a short period of time with high quality yield (Q30 ≥ 85%) in standard FastQ format.

The instrument supports sequencing and data analysis in a wide range of areas including basic research, clinical research, forensics and agriculture

The DNBseq™ Sequencing technology combines the power of DNA Nanoballs (DNB™), PCR-free Rolling Circle Replication, Patterned Nano Arrays and cPAS to deliver a new level of data clarity and affordability. The combination of linear amplification and DNB technology reduces the error rate while enhancing the signal, resulting in real advantages.

  • Operating Temperature: 19°C – 25°C
  • Humidity: 20% RH – 80%RH (non-condensing)
  • Air Pressure: 70kPa – 106kPa
  • Power source: 100–240 V, 50–60 Hz, Rated Power = 1200VA
  • Dimensions: 1228 x 734 x 723 mm
  • Weight: 200 kg
  • Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)
  • Exome Sequencing (WES)
  • Transcriptome Sequencing
  • RNA/Non-codingRNA/small-RNA sequencing
  • Targeted Region Sequencing
  • Single-cell sequencing
  • Microbial sequencing
  • Epigenetics Sequencing
  • NIPT
  • BRCA1/2 screening
  • Cancer Hot-spot screening
  • Targeted Tumor Sequencing
  • Monogenic Disorder Detection
  • Rapid Pathogenic & Microbial Testing
    Sequencing kits
  • DNBSEQ-G400RS High-throughput Sequencing Set(SE50)
  • DNBSEQ-G400RS High-throughput Sequencing Set(SE100)
  • DNBSEQ-G400RS High-throughput Sequencing Set(PE50)
  • DNBSEQ-G400RS High-throughput Sequencing Set(PE100)
  • DNBSEQ-G400RS High-throughput Sequencing Set(PE150)
  • DNBSEQ-G400RS High-throughput Sequencing Set(SE400)

  • Library Preparation
  • MGIEasy mRNA Library Prep Kit
  • MGIEasy RNA Directional Library Prep Kit
  • MGIEasy rRNA Directional Kit
  • MGIEasy Small RNA Library Prep Kit
  • MGICare Single Cell Chromosome CNV (Copy Number Variations) Detection Kit
  • MGIEasy DNA Library Preparation Kit
  • ZLIMS Software (Zebra Laboratory Information Management System)
  • MegaBOLT Software (MegaBOLT bioinformatics analysis accelerator)

DNBSEQ™ Technical Interpretation
Webinar: MGI DNBSEQ™ Sequencing Technology