Eliminating the need for a dedicated laptop for nanopore sequencing with MinION

MinIT is a companion to the MinION personal DNA/RNA sequencer. It is pre-configured with the software that controls the MinION (MinKNOW), carries out data acquisition and performs basecalling. As a self-contained unit, MinIT can be purchased at the same time as the starter pack, eliminating the need for a dedicated laptop or as a standalone unit to replace the current laptop if an upgrade is needed. Whether working in remote locations or in laboratories, this is a small footprint and easy to implement solution.

MinIT Specifications:

  • Pre-installed software: Linux OS, MinKNOW, Guppy, EPI2ME
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled; you can control your experiments using a laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • fastq or fast5 files are written to Onboard storage: 512 GB SSD
  • Processing: GPU accelerators (ARM processor 6 cores, 256 Core GPU), 8 GB RAM.
  • Small footprint, 290g
  • 1 x USB 3 (to connect your MinION), 1 x USB 2 (for data transfer), 1 x 1 GB Ethernet (for networking)

MinION: A Portable, Real-Time DNA/RNA Sequencing Device
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