Nanopore Sequencing Services


Sequencing services are offered on Ultra Long Read GridION Sequencer from Oxford Nanopore. Nanopore sequencing offers various unique advantage and has becomes a necessity in genome assembly and RNA analysis.

Advantage of Nanopore Sequencing

  • Amplification free DNA and RNA sequencing
  • Long read requires for creation of high-quality reference genomes
  • Long-read sequencing technology offers simplified and less ambiguous genome assembly.
  • Nanopore sequencing of long and ultra-long fragments makes it possible to span most structural variation and repetitive regions, simplifying their analysis.
  • Direct RNA sequencing
  • Full length transcripts sequencing enables to identify the alternate spliced variants and isoforms.
  • Full length 16S for better taxonomy classification
  • Epigenetic information as additional along with sequencing data


Genome Sequencing

  • De Novo GenomeSeq
  • Resequencing of Genomes
  • WGS- Metagenome Seq

RNA Sequencing

  • Direct RNA Sequencing, cDNA and PCR based RNA sequencing
  • MetaTranscriptome Seq

Epigenetics Sequencing

  • Methylation (5mC, 5 hmC,4mC and m6A)

Amplicon Sequencing / Targeted Sequencing

  • Exome Sequencing
  • Full length 16S Micro Biome Profiling
  • Ampli-Seq