New England Biolabs(NEB)

Founded in the mid-1970s as a collective of scientists committed to developing innovative products for the life sciences industry, New England Biolabs is now a recognized world leader in the discovery, development and commercialization of recombinant and native enzymes for genomic research.

Created "by scientists for scientists", NEB is renowned for consistently providing exceptional product quality and unsurpassed technical support. For over four decades, NEB has been shaping the landscape of bioscience research by discovering, developing and supporting superior research reagents. In addition to NEB’s commitment to scientific innovation and customer relations, NEB notably ensures the environmental sustainability of the company’s business practices. Our passion is our promise.

NEB Product Range

Restriction Endonucleases

Choose from 285 restriction enzymes, the largest selection commercially available. With over 40 years of offering restriction enzymes to the research community, NEB has earned the reputation of being a leader in enzyme technologies.

PCR, qPCR & Amplification Technologies

We offer a broad variety of DNA and RNA polymerases, nucleotide mixes, kits, master mixes .

DNA Modifying Enzymes

NEB offers a comprehensive list of tools and reagents for DNA manipulation like ligases, nucleases, methyltransferases, DNA repair proteins, recombinases and more.

Sample Preparation for Next Generation Sequencing

NEB Next reagents are available for sample preparation for Illumina® and Ion Torrent™ sequencing platforms.

Nucleic Acid Purification

Monarch nucleic acid purification kits provide fast and reliable purification of high quality DNA from bacterial cultures, agarose gels, and enzymatic reactions using best-in-class silica column technology

Markers & Ladders

DNA, RNA and Protein Markers available in a range of sizes and in convenient unstained or prestained formats.

RNA Reagents

NEB offers a wide range of products for RNA research.

DNA Assembly, Cloning and Mutagenesis Kits

Offers several products that are used for DNA assembly & cloning of multiple DNA fragments.

Genome Editing

Provides reagents to support a broad variety of CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing approaches.

Gene Expression

Offers a selection of products for the study of gene expression which include luciferase reporter genes, optimized for gene expression studies.

Cellular Analysis

Provides a number of different protein labeling systems that facilitate the attachment of virtually any molecule to a protein of interest.


NEB has called upon its 35 years of expertise in enzymology to develop a suite of validated reagents for epigenetics research.

Protein Expression & Purification Technologies

Committed to providing advanced tools for protein expression and purification.

Competent Cells

High efficiency competent cell strains for your cloning & protein expression applications.

Protein Tools

New England Biolabs offers an array of protein tools for all of your protein analysis needs.


NEB offers a selection of endoglycosidases, exoglycosidases, and heparinases for glycobiology research.

DNA Plasmids & Substrates

Selection of common and specialized DNA plasmids for use in cloning experiments and applications such as protein expression, gene expression, and cellular analysis.