Historical Milestones



Today, ILS has created a benchmark in the Biotechnology industry, becoming a trusted name and a partner in Life to key players in the industry. ILS has been an award winning performer from most of the principals.

We are working hard to achieve the best when it comes to customer support and service backed by an application support lab with state of the art equipments and technology.



2015 was another year that marked entry into the clinical diagnostic space, which later went onto become a separate entity. ILS had a bench translational approach which aimed at bridging a bench to the bedside, which would provide clinical diagnostic services from primary to advanced molecular diagnostics at your doorstep.

This year saw various research and development activity, to provide advanced clinical solutions to venture into the Indian market minimizing the cost factor and reaching out to masses in resource limited areas was the prime motive of the company.



Under the ILS brand both the divisions were doing reasonably well, looking at the advancements in technology and requirement of venturing out in other verticals in the lifescience space came in the limelight. Segmenting into more application driven technologies became the need of the hour and hence saw the rise of the Genomics division, now becoming the 3rd division under the ILS brand.

This year saw an exponential growth of the business and since then ILS has never looked back. This year saw major partnerships with brands like Affymetrix, New England Biolabs, Pacific Biosciences among others.



Year 2006, marked the beginning of a new era for Imperial Biomedix. Looking at the growth in business verticals, it was the time to lay the foundation stone for a state of the art lab facility in the heart of Gurgaon. This was the first independent campus for Imperial Biomedix. Imperial Biomedix then turned into become a focused brand in the life science domain under the brand name Imperial Life Sciences (ILS) used till date for various divisions catered under the same. This year proved to be a game changer for ILS with major partnerships and technology supporting various sectors in the country.

Major partnerships include brand names like Invitrogen, Agilent technologies, and Caliper Life Sciences among others.ILS Created two separate divisions for smooth functioning of the workflow and processes under each division namely Consumables and Reagents & Instrumentation.



Year 2003 marked the entry of Imperial Biomedix into the instrumentation portfolio and the introduction of real time PCR in India. Instrumentation has led on to become the most sought after division by succeeding consumables and reagents revenue figures and achieving 50% of the total revenue of the company in the Instrumentation vertical till date.



It was in 1997, when Imperial Biomedix focused on partnerships and expanding its horizons in the same vertical by partnering with top US brands including Stratagene. Consumables and reagents vertical saw a steep rise in the company accounting to 40% of the total revenue and growing exponentially since then.



It was in mid-August, the foundation stone was laid in Chandigarh by Mr SK Gupta-Founder & Chairman under the brand name of Imperial Biomedix, Initiated it’s operations in the lifescience industries with the first division of Reagents and consumables to become the pioneers for introducing liquid handling devices and high quality lab consumables in India.