Genotyping Services


ILS offeres flexible genotying services on two worlds most renowned technologies i.e Microarray based Gene Titan from Affymetrix and MALDI based Agena Biosciences MassARRAY System.

Genotyping Services on Affymetrix Gene Titan

Service offered on fully-integrated microarray instrument for hands-free array processing. Either perform genotyping on catalog arrays or custom design the array for human and non-human species. Custom design the array in 6-8 weeks, we offer complete bioinformatics support for array design.

1. Human catalog arrays – Off the shelf arrays for Genome wide association analysis, clinical markers, Immune-related markers. Functional variants (loss of function, expression quantitative trait loci, nonsynonymous variants, lung phenotypes). Disease-related variants (Alzheimer’s disease, cardiometabolic, neurological disorders, diabetes, cancer variants, cardiac variants, other rare variants). Tracking-related variants for tracking purposes (fingerprint and sample tracking , mitochondrial, Y chromosome). We have multiple array type to offer, choose the one that suits best to your study.

2. Non-human catalog and custom designed arrays – Off the shelf arrays for Buffalo, Bovine, caprine, ovine, chicken, Porcine etc for animals and Wheat, rice, maize, sorghum, cotton etc.

Extend comprehensive support in custom design of SNP array for markers from 500 to 2.6 Million.

We have successfully custom designed SNP arrays with Indian Scientific fraternity for various crops on customer owned SNP markers. To list a few of custom design – Rice, Pigeon pea, Chick Pea, cotton, groundnut, Tobacco etc.

Genotyping Services on AGENA MassARRAY

Dye free Genotyping based on of Mass of the nucleotides in Real time. Perform Rapid, Cost-Effective, and High Throughput SNP genotyping enables large scale genotyping of 1000s of data points per day. Perform genotyping of 10-400 SNPs per assay with multiplexing of 10-40 SNPs per well at an accuracy of 99.9%. Technology is applied for basic/applied research, translational research, agricultural genomics, and clinical diagnostics.

Features of technology-

  • High level of automation
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Flexibility to process SNPs and samples number
  • Reproducible and real time data
  • Minimal DNA requirement
  • Custom design panel of interest and re-shuffle the panel any time

Don’t limit the number of SNPs and samples to be analyzed. The service includes assay design till data.

We have successfully processed more than 100K samples for various customers from academics and commercial centers.