Abcam supply two thirds of the world's life scientists with over 110,000 products to research protein targets - across antibodies, proteins, lysates, biochemicals, kits and assays. Abcam manufacture their own products in our specialist facilities worldwide, as well as sourcing from over 400 partners. Collaborating with the Life Sciences industry to enable the development of tomorrow's medicines. Abcam’s products combine biology and data, together with expert customer support and fast delivery.

Primary antibodies

Abcam’s broad portfolio includes highly cited monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, plus our unrivaled range of recombinant antibodies. You can find primary antibodies that fit your research’s needs with conjugated antibodies and carrier-free formulations. Abcam’s research area experts are always searching for the most novel targets, and scalable long-term supply in our recombinant monoclonal antibodies means you can always access the antibody you need.

Secondary antibodies

Secondary antibodies indirectly detect a primary antibody that specifically binds to the protein of interest. They can be conjugated to fluorophores (eg Alexa Fluor® dyes), enzymes (eg HRP, alkaline phosphatase), or proteins (eg biotin) to amplify the signal of primary antibodies in a wide range of applications including western blot, immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry, ELISA, and flow cytometry.

ELISA and matched antibody pairs

Abcam’s ELISA kits contains all the reagents and tools you need to conduct an ELISA. High-quality matched antibody pairs as the base of our ELISA kits give you reproducible results over time. SimpleStep

Knockout cell lines and lysates

Abcam portfolio of cell lines and lysates includes CRISPR knock-outs, iPSC-derived neurons, along with standard cell lysates from a range of species and immortalized cell lines, and both healthy and diseased tissue lysates. All our cell lines and lysates are validated in key applications and verified through abreviews by you.

Multiplex assays

Cytokine arrays and other antibody arrays can be used to measure the levels of hundreds of proteins in a sample at the same time. They are an ideal tool to identify the key changes in a protein pathway or network. We offer over 75 cytokine arrays and other antibody arrays, for measurement of more than 400 cytokines, chemokines, and other proteins, with arrays available for human, mouse, rat and other species. Abcam has other assays as well: Inflammation Arrays,Angiogenesis Arrays, Apoptosis Arrays, Growth Factor Arrays, Matrix Metalloproteinase Arrays, Phosphorylation Arrays Atherosclerosis Arrays, Acute Kidney Injury Arrays, Chemokine Arrays, Obesity Arrays

Agonists, antagonists, activators and inhibitors

You will find high-quality, highly cited ligands, modulators of ligand and voltage-gated ion channels, cell signaling pathway tools, and enzyme inhibitors to support your research within the range. Small‐molecule enzyme inhibitors account for approximately 50 % of approved drugs and can also be powerful chemical tools for probing biological systems. Most of these inhibitors displace either substrate or cofactor, providing a clear target for ligand discovery.


Abcam has an extensive range of proteins and peptides including cytokines, growth factors, signaling proteins, viral and bacterial antigens, human immunoglobulins and more. Guaranteed high quality and purity, they are validated in popular applications and verified by you through reviews and high impact factor publications.