There are many different types of bioreactors available in the market today and choosing the right bioreactor system for cells is crucial for cell culture success. The choice of bioreactor system to use highly depend on the type of cells to be produced, the desired product, the process of the cell culture, and the product density. Esco VacciXcell offers different types of bioreactors, suited for different types of cells, applications, and scales.

Bioreactors Product Range


CelXrocker is used for process optimization in using 3D macroporous carriers in T-flasks. The rocker provides gentle side-to-side rocking motion for mixing in culture, flasks, tubes, and dishes. The rocker is designed to conveniently fit in most CO2 incubators and refrigerators; thereby, set-up or assay can be placed in a controlled environment.

CelCradle X®

The CelCradle X is a single-use, closed, automated bioreactor based on the Tide Motion platform. It is a standalone unit manufactured in an ISO 13485 Esco factory and complies with cGMP requirements of 21 CFR part 11. This system is best used for cell cultures involving autologous therapy applications as it is equipped with its own harvesting system.


The CelCradle system is a bench-scale, disposable bioreactor capable of high-density cell culture for protein expression, virus, and monoclonal antibody production. It is designed based on the concept of the bellow-induced intermittent flow of culture medium and air through macroporous matrices, where cells reside.

TideXcell ®

TideXcell bioreactor system is the extended large-scale system of the laboratory scale CelCradle® bioreactor system. In this system, the matrix vessel and the mixing vessel are separated to aid in the 100% medium exchange requirements of the user. It is also a combination technology equipped with its own harvester for high product yield after every culture.