Element’s AVITI Sequencing System


Element’s AVITI Sequencing System is a disruptive next generation sequencing solution that allows researchers and clinicians to do more scientific exploration through a combination of low cost, high data quality and ease of use. The AVITI System is a massively parallel NGS system that sequences 1 billion + paired end reads per each of its random-access dual flow cells, producing read lengths of up to 2×150 bp from each template, generating as much as 600+ Gb of high quality data in a single run at a fraction of cost that comes from similar scale NGS platforms from competition.
The Element AVITI System combines a flexible, simple workflow with best-in-class data quality for a benchtop sequencer to perform affordable genomic science. Avidity sequencing achieves high accuracy, with 96.2% and 85.4% of base calls having an average of one error per 1,000 and 10,000 base pairs, respectively. Further, Element AVITI Cloudbreak Chemistry helps in 20% faster run times, early demultiplexing, and simplified workflow – all at low cost and industry-leading accuracy. Avidity sequencing chemistry enables a diversity of applications that include whole-human-genome sequencing, Whole exome sequencing, single-cell RNA sequencing (RNA-seq), Loop sequencing for long reads.

Key features include:
  • Two fully independent flow cells
  • 300 Gb / 1 B reads per flow cell
  • >90% Q30 data
  • Sample multiplexing without index-hopping
  • Diverse read lengths with the flexibility to tune output
  • Exceptional accuracy with early insight into data quality
  • Lowest benchtop operating costs at a fixed price
  • Seamless compatibility with leading assays

Instrument Configuration
Dual flow cells
AVITI Operating Software with a touchsceen display
Ubuntu Core 20.04 LTS operating system

Operating Environment
Temperature: 18–26°C
Elevation: < 2000 m
Sound level: ≤ 62 db at 3.3 ft

Instrument Dimensions
(H x W x D) 29.5 in x 37.6 in x 28.5 in
Weight: 155.1 kg/342 lb

 Crate Dimensions
(H x W x D) 48.6 in x 51 in x 35 in
Weight with instrument: 245.9 kg/527 lb

 Power Requirements
100–240 VAC at 50/60 Hz, 15 A. 550 W (average)

Whole-Genome Sequencing and RNA sequencing

(Industry-leading accuracy enables variant discovery, including compatibility with FFPE samples)

Exomes and Targeted Sequencing

(Enablement of in-house tumor-normal studies with batching of 8–24 exomes per flow cell or 16–48 exomes per run)

Single-Cell/RNA Sequencing

(Validated compatibility with 10x Genomics, BD Rhapsody, and Parse Biosciences single-cell solutions Single-Cell/RNA Sequencing Validated compatibility with 10x Genomics, BD Rhapsody, and Parse Biosciences single-cell solution)

Loop sequencing for long reads

Low-Pass Sequencing