Through the establishment of joint collaborations with reputable manufacturers of top-quality life-science research products such asPeproTech Inc., BioGems has positioned itself to become a highly competitive source for a wide-range of recombinant protein and flow-cytometry reagents. Currently, our catalog contains more than 600 recombinant proteins and over 500 flow cytometry reagents.

Biogems Product Range

Flow Cytometry

Biogems offers carefully selected portfolio of essential high quality antibodies/reagents for flow cytometry and related applications.

Recombinant Proteins

Biogems offers a comprehensive line of premium recombinant protein & related products, which meet or exceed the industry standards for purity, performance & consistency.

Small Molecules

Small molecules are low molecule weight organic compounds that affect key biological pathways to allow for the control of cellular responses. BioGems is proud to offer a targeted portfolio of small molecules for life science research.


Pre-Coated ELISA Kits from Biogems are Complete, optimized and ready to use kits with Guaranteed High Sensitivity and Reproducibility.