Arbor Biosciences

“Custom, affordable solutions for synthetic biology and NGS target enrichment” from Arbor Biosciences. Arbor Biosciences is committed to providing personalized customer service & innovative solutions for various unique applications – Agrigenomics , Cell-Free Protein Expression, FISH & Fluorescent Reporters, Genome Editing , NGS services, Oligo Libraries, Paleogenetics, Phylogenetics, Synthetic Biology and Targeted Sequencing

Custom Products For Your Unique Applications


Has fully custom microarrays in a variety of flexible formats, with up to 6 arrays per slide.


custom system for efficient, in-solution target enrichment for high-throughput sequencing.


Cut with confidence using high quality, cost-effective myCrisprTM DNA and RNA products!


Error-free DNA eliminates time consuming steps and expensive error correction procedures.


Best of oligonucleotide chemistry, combined with digital lithography for max. flexibility in synthesis.


We offer many in-house service options to meet your next-gen sequencing research needs.


custom designed labeled nucleic acid probes for detection and visualization of complementary nucleic acids, such as custom FISH probes.


myTXTL® is a fast and easy-to-use kit for in vitro protein expression.