nCounter® SPRINT Profiler

Digitally examine multiple pathways in an extraction-free workflow

The nCounter® SPRINT Profiler is based on Nanostring’s molecular barcoding technology enables researchers to count the number of unique transcripts in each sample. Digitally examine multiple pathways in a single tube in an extraction-free workflow requiring only 10 minutes of hands-on time. Accelerating the research by spending less time on sample prep and able to perform your own data analysis using the included nSolver™ Analysis Software. It can work with difficult sample types, including FFPE tissue. Highly multiplexed analysis of basic cancer biology and pathway deregulation activity. It is an ideal platform for a range of applications requiring efficient, high-precision quantitation of hundreds of target molecules across a sample set.

Key features include:
    • Digital – The nCounter platform can be used to digitally study pathway biology or validate targets identified by Next Generation Sequencing discovery experiments
    • Multiplexed – Multiple pathways can be directly interrogated in a single tube without amplification
    • Simple and Fast – simple sample prep and data analysis method, helps in advancing knowledge,
    • Compatible – Can handle difficult sample types, including FFPE
    • Flexible – View biology from multiple angles; RNA, miRNA, DNA
  • Operating Temperature: 18–28°C
  • Humidity: 30–80% (non-condensing)
  • Pollution degree: 2
  • Power source: 100–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 107 x 72 x 82 cm
  • Weight: 81.65 kg
  • Gene Expression Analysis
  • miRNA Expression
  • miRGE Expression Analysis
  • Copy Number Variation Analysis
  • lncRNA Expression Analysis
  • Leukemia Fusion Gene Analysis
  • Single Cell Analysis
  • ChIP-String Assays
  • RNA:Protein Profiling
  • nSolver™ Analysis Software (nSolver™ 3.0)
  • nCounter® Advanced Analysis Software

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