Pre-Clinical Optical Imaging

The Perkin-Elmer IVIS platforms can address the widest range of applications with the highest level of sensitivity for in-vivo bioluminescence, fluorescence, high-throughput 2D or 3D tomographic imaging. The IVIS platforms can be tailored to your workflow and are available in benchtop & stand alone formats. Choose from the wide variety of IVIS platforms capable of performing different applications.

Range of Pre-Clinical Optical Imaging Instruments

IVIS Lumina LT

Instruments equipped with full Bioluminscence, Cerenkov & Standard fluorescence 2D imaging capabilities.


Equipped with 26 filters that can be used to image reporters for both bioluminescence and fluorescence.


Industry leading Fluorescence, Bioluminescence and X-Ray Imaging - All-In-One benchtop instrument.

IVIS Spectrum

It is the only industry leading IVIS platform which provides true-3D optical tomography for deep tissue imaging.

IVIS Spectrum CT

It expands upon the versatility of the IVIS Spectrum by offering 2D and 3D imaging capabilities but includes integrated low-dose microCT ideal for longitudinal studies.