Gene Expression Services


Offers the Next Generation of expression solutions. Whole transcriptome profiling for Human, Mouse, Rat and other Plant, Animal and Microbial species on Affymetrix GeneChip Scanner and GeneTitan Platform. We offer different array type as an flexibility to choose based on research objective. Array type where probes are placed towards 3′ region of gene, probes targeting every exon and the array that have comprehensive coverage each exons and junction sites to detect the true alternate spliced transcripts.

3’IVT Expression Arrays

Human U133+ P. Aeruginosa
Primeview Plasmodium/Anopheles
Mouse 430 Poplar
Rat 230 Porcine
Arabidopsis Rhesus Macaque
Barley Rice
Bovine S.aureus
C. Elegans Soybean
Canine Sugar Cane
Chicken Tomato
Citrus Vitis vinifera (Grape)
Cotton Wheat
Drosophila Xenopus laevis
E. Coli Xenopus tropicalis
Maize Yeast
Medicago Zebrafish


Whole-Transcript(WT) expression Arrays

Human Marmoset
Mouse Medicago
Rat Ovine
Human Exon Porcine
Mouse Exon Rabbit
Rat Exon Rhesus
Arabidopsis Rice (Cn)
Bovine Rice (Jp)
Canine Rice (US)
C. Elegans Soy Bean
Chicken Tomato
Cyno-Rhes Zebra Finch
Cynomolgus Zebrafish
Drosophila Gene 2.0 ST
Equine HTA 2.0
Feline Clarion D & S


miRNA(FlashTaq) Expression Arrays

miRNA 3.0 miRNA 4.0