IDT xGen™ brand

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) acquisite Swift Biosciences and become a part of the IDT xGen™ brand for providing a more comprehensive NGS portfolio to advance your genomics research. Former Swift Biosciences products integrated to the IDT xGen™ brand will be assigned new product names and part numbers, whereas Formulation, Manufacturing and Quality control will be same.

Library Preparation

With xGen NGS, we’ve made library preparation easy. Our solutions were developed to improve your time, yields, and budget across a broad range of sample types. Wherever your research journey takes you, you can trust in xGen NGS to assist.

Hybridization Capture

xGen NGS offers flexible hybridization capture solutions with quality, speed, and customer support for your research.

Amplicon Sequencing

Our amplicon solutions enable you to advance from sample to sequencing faster, without sacrificing coverage or yields. If your research requires rapid, ready-to-sequence materials or you are working with low-input quantities, xGen™ NGS can unlock the answers you seek.

Library Normalization

This fast and automatable workflow improves cluster density and library balance and can easily be integrated into your standard DNA and RNA library preparation protocols for research studies to increase efficiency and reduce cost for NGS research laboratories.