Cell Line Development

Assessment of clonality remains a key factor in the development of any new stable cell lines for novel biopharmaceuticals or biosimilars. Solentim® has established itself over the past seven years as a significant leader and innovator of new products in the cell line development arena.

Cell Line Development

Cell Metric System

It is a dedicated imaging system for the key step of assurance of clonality and colony outgrowth monitoring. Scanning of an entire 96 or 384 well plate is rapid with high contrast whole-well images captured automatically at single-cell resolution.

Cell Metric CLD System

Incorporated with integrated, temperature-controlled plate loader, A batch of up to 10 lidded plates can be imaged with high contrast captured automatically at single-cell resolution.


It combines single cell deposition with simultaneous in-situ image verification of a single cell in the well for high efficiency seeding of well plates.