World’s most sensitive, fully automated, immunoassay platform with multiplexing and custom assay capability

The Simoa HD-1 Analyzer from Quanterix is a fully automated instrument for running immunoassays using the Quanterix single molecule array, or Simoa, platform. Simoa is a digital form of ELISA, trapping and sealing individual immunocomplexes on paramagnetic beads in thousands of femtoliter sized wells in arrays found on the Simoa Dics. By leveraging the digital detection format of Simoa technology the HD-1 enables researchers to precisely measure protein biomarkers with 1000X higher sensitivity allowing the application of precision science to precision health.

This isolation of each bead-immunocomplex allows the enzyme bound to the capture antibody to produce sufficient fluorescence in each well to be detectable, even when just a single molecule is present. As a result, the analyzer produces a map of the array – each of which contains more than 200,000 wells – where each well can be digitally analyzed as either “on” (containing a target molecule) or “off”.

The proprietary Simoa algorithm then converts the measurement into a concentration which reaches femtomolar levels for most analytes. This revolutionary approach to digitalizing ELISA offers on average a 1000-fold improvement in sensitivity over current immunoassay techniques. In fact, Simoa has demonstrated sensitivity equivalent to PCR at a fraction of the cost and greater ease of use.

Key features include:
  • Unprecedented sensitivity
  • Full automation
  • Precision
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Easy & cost-effective implementation
  • Multiplexing capability with small sample volumes
  • Homebrew capabilities
  • ~400 samples per shift
  • Available for RUO

Instrument Specifications

  • Throughput

  • Sensitivity
  • Workflow
  • Total Assay Time
  • Dynamic Range
  • Precision
  • Hands on Time
  • Automation
  • Sample Input
  • Sample Volume
  • Instrument Footprint
  • Multiplex Capability
  • Assay Flexibility

68 Tests/hour
>500 data points per day
Average of 1000x improvement over leading assays available
Batch (plates or tubes)
<2.5 hours per 96-well plate
>4 logs
<10% CVs
Startup time <20 minutes
Full (sample in to data out)
96-well plate and tubes
1 μl * - 100 μl
135 x 60 x 160 cm (freestanding)
up to 4-plex
1, 2 or 3-step assays, with variable incubation time and number of wash steps
  • Oncology
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Inflammatory biology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Pathology
  • Immunology
  • Simoa Kit
  • Disc Kit
  • Conical well plates for Simoa
  • Sealing oil
  • System buffers
  • HD-1 Software

Simoa Technology
Simoa Technology
Kevin Hrusovsky Explains the Science Behind Quanterix