Gilson is dedicated to making your life easier, providing a wide and reliable range of manual to automated liquid handling solutions, including single channel pipettes, multichannel pipettes, pipette tips, pipette accessories, benchtop sample preparation equipment, and tailor-made services. With our products, you'll find the best solutions and most cost effective ways to manage you liquid samples, enabling you to successfully complete your research, with complete confidence in your sample preparation steps.

Pipettes & Accessories Product Range

PIPETMAX® Automated Pipetting Solution

PIPETMAX® is an automated pipetting solution for the efficient processing of high-throughput biological assays. It will help you to improve on the accuracy, reproducibility, and consistency among all samples processed. Unlike traditional automation platforms, PIPETMAX comes in a benchtop size that easily fits into any lab.

PIPETMAN® Single Channel Pipettes

Gilson single channel pipettes are the industry standard for manual liquid handling.

PIPETMAN® Multichannel Channel Pipettes

Gilson multi-channel pipettes are the ideal solution for high throughput liquid handling.


Ergonomic, safe, and reliable, MyPIPETMAN® Select offers volume setting choice and optional handle personalization for optimal use in various protocols.

PIPETMAN® Electronic Pipettes

With four pre-programmed pipetting modes and one custom mode available, the electronic PIPETMAN® M pipettes combines the simplicity of a mechanical pipette with the consistency of electronic liquid handling. Its lightweight, ergonomic design requires only very short pipetting strokes, making it comfortable to use.

Starter Pipette Kits

Gilson offers wide variety of kits such as Starter Kits, Micro-Volume Kits, Large-Volume Kits and many more.

Specialty Pipettes

Gilson offers wide variety of speciality pipettes for problem liquids to repetitive pipettes and for volumes upto 100ml.

PIPETMAN Diamond Tips

DIAMOND Tips are designed, developed, and manufactured in order to fit Gilson pipettes perfectly. They ensure optimal performance of your PIPETMAN pipettes across the full volume range.

PIPETMAN Diamond Filter Tips

DIAMOND filter tips are designed, developed, and manufactured in order to fit Gilson pipettes perfectly. They ensure optimal performance of your PIPETMAN pipette across the full volume range. They play a critical role in preventing aerosol-borne contamination.


PLATEMASTER® is an easy-to-use, accurate solution for high-throughput manual pipetting of 96- and 384-well microplates

Pipette Accessories

Pipette accessories and holders offer you a large choice of solutions to store, handle, trace, identify and customize your equipment.

Benchtop Devices

Gison is offering mini-centrifuge, mini-incubator, peritelitc pumps, vortexuer, Safe Aspiration Station, Dispensman (pipette-aid) etc.