Storage Racks

Range of Storage Racks

PCR Tube Racks

Ideal platform to satisfy all pre- or post-PCR sampling applications. Molded alphanumeric indexing for fast and accurate identification.

Stacking PCR Tube Racks

Easy stacking. Lid clicks into place. Suitable for non-skirted, semi-skirted and skirted 96-well PCR plates, PCR strip tubes. Temp. Range -80°C to 121°C.

80 Position Tube Racks

Versatile & efficient storage in bright, fluorescent colors. Holds tubes up to 2.0 mL.

4-Way Racks

Accommodates all popular tube sizes, from 0.5 mL to 50 mL, and 20-25 mm. Suitable for use in ultra-low temperature freezers. Available in standard or interlocking versions. Autoclavable.

15 & 50ml Tube Racks

Unique pull tab enables safe removal from freezer racks. Convenient freezer storage. Numerical index on grid. Temp. range: -90°C to + 121°C

Floating Racks

Exceptional stability in water bath. Lid container can be used as a mini-ice bath.

Microcentrifuge Tube Racks

Ideal for screw cap tubes of 0.5, 1.5, 2.0 and 5.0 mL capacity. Suitable for -90°C and autoclave.

IsoFreeze Racks

Temperature maintenance racks with lid. Consistent thermal protection. Holds all 0.5/1.5/2.0 mL tubes. Available in two ranges Blue -20ºC and White 0ºC unit. Racks are filled with an inert, non-toxic gel.

Cryogenic Freeze Racks

Crystal-clear lid for sample visibility. Drains and vents prevent pressure build-up. Bright, attractive assorted colors. High-contrast alphanumeric indexing.