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Topic: Highly sensitive and accurate multiplex test to monitor the immune response to viral infection!

Brief: Quanterix Simoa technology enables researchers to measure baseline levels of important cytokines and chemokines (such as IL-6, TNFa, IL-8 but even low abundance IFNa and IL1b) well above limits of quantification and directly in blood. Measuring early levels of these biomarkers during acute infection will deepen our understanding of cytokine storm onset. During the webinar, we discussed the importance of type I interferon response to SARS and COVID-19. Simoa allows measurement of trace levels of IFNa, which enables separation of bacterial from viral infections, characterization of lupus samples and now following COVID-19 patients IFNa profile and assess type I interferon treatment options. Listen to key opinion leaders discussing their views on circulating cytokines as predictive biomarkers for COVID-19 severity, early viral load quantification based on viral proteins and early measurement of IgM, IgG and IgA for seroprevalence studies.

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